List of Services 

PC/Mac Tune-Up and Optimization

Computers will slow down over time without proper maintenance and care. If your computer is running slow, freezing, or crashing, a simple tune-up and optimization could make all the difference. 

Having too many programs and services running in the background can slow down your computer by a lot. We can safely remove many of these to speed up start times and overall general computer operation.

Virus and Malware Removal

If your computer is infected with a virus, spyware, adware, or any other form of malware, we can help to remove the infections without needing a factory reset. We can save your data, your programs, and most importantly your time. Malicious software can not only slow your computer down, but it can also steal your data (such as login and credit card information) or even cause data loss. We recommend and use free security programs to protect our clients' computers from malicious threats; there is no need to pay for expensive security programs that do the same thing to keep your computer secure.

Computer Upgrades and PC/MAC Repairs

If your computer breaks down, whether it's a power supply failure or a problem with your RAM, we can diagnose the problem and replace the faulty component.

If your computer is starting to feel its age and is having trouble running the latest programs, maybe an upgrade could help. We'll upgrade out-of-date CPUs, slow hard drives with fast solid state drives, and improve other components and have your computer working like a new machine, without the expense and hassle of building or buying an entirely new computer.

Custom Computer Builds

Looking for a new computer, but aren't sure what  to get? We'll build you a custom computer from scratch, based on your budget and specifications.  We specialize in building custom computers for gaming, video/photo editing, CAD/3D design, and engineering workstations, each tailored to your individual needs. We've got the know-how and industry experience to build you a high performance system, carefully selecting hardware components and custom features to get you the best value for your money.

Router and Printer installation

Just got a new printer or internet router? We'll set it up for you and add it to your network. We set it up right the first time, so you can get on with business as usual.

Cable Management/Computer Cleaning

Computer cables getting tangled? We'll sort them out. Proper cable management doesn't just make your computers and electronic equipment look nicer, it also improves airflow and helps keep them clean.

We'll also clean and dust computers, inside and out, to help reduce overheating and wear on parts.

Data Backup and Recovery

Worried about losing your data? We can help you back it up, either locally or in the cloud.

We can also try to recover accidentally deleted files, or files from a damaged drive, but we make no guarantee of successful data recovery.

Hard Drive Destruction and E-Waste Removal

Have an old  hard drive you don't need anymore? We'll destroy it for you so the  data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Once each drive is destroyed,  we'll haul it off, along with any other e-waste you have.

Our drive destruction  process is HIPAA compliant and follows NSA data-destruction standards.


All of our prices are flat rates for each service. 

* Computer Optimization (5 hours) - $400

* Mac Optimization - $80

* Virus/Malware Removal - $80/hour

* PC Component Installation - $80/set + parts

* Custom Computer builds - $240 + parts

* Router or Printer installation - $80

* Cable Management/Computer Cleaning - $80/hour

* Data Backup and Recovery  - $80

* Hard Drive Destruction - $15/drive, quantity discount for 5+ drives

* E-Waste removal - Estimate required

* Everything Else - $80/hour

***Please note that while these are estimated prices, we do our best to ensure that our prices accurately reflect the time it takes to perform a job.***